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MoBar Trial Version

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We know you're busy. We've all been there: buried under deadlines and daily tasks, struggling to find time to do what we really want to do but it doesn't have to be that way! That’s why we created MoBar—a collection of 120 time-saving tools that helps you create your projects quickly and easily in After Effects.

MoBar comes with all the essential tools you need for your daily tasks. You can choose from +120 tools to create custom toolbars.

All your important tools and expressions are at your fingertips. You can create custom buttons for your expressions, scripts and effects.

You can search and get any tools you want in seconds, including the other scripts and effects installed in After Effects, without any hassle. Whenever you need something, just search.

Just imagine if you could save 10, 20 or even 30 minutes per day on the simplest tasks. That's exactly what MoBar will allow you to do in your everyday work. You'll save time, work faster and smarter, and get more done.

With MoBar, you save the most expensive thing on earth—time which can be exchanged for what matters most to you. Spending more time with loved ones, learning new skills, taking up a hobby, or doing more work. Whatever. It's your life.

Join thousands of motion graphic designers around the globe who are saving time and money by using MoBar today!


Mobar doesn't just add a few extra tools to increase productivity in After Effects. It does so much more. After two weeks of use, I still have to stop and realize how many actions I can use it for and what other plugins I don't need anymore. It is slowly decluttering my workspace.
Motion Bogdan

MoBar has already replaced more than one of my go-to utility plugins by implementing the same functionality into a single, clean, easy-to-understand system. This is easily the best solution I've seen for improving quality of life and workflow efficiencies.
Robert Headrick

MoBar allowed me to move away from all the individual scripts/tools that I'd gathered over time and just have one dedicated tool for everything I need daily, plus lots more. I'd saved so much time with my workflow even within a few hours of use. Highly recommended.
Neil Rostance

This has quickly become one of my need-to-have tools within After Effects. The horizontal bar with dropdown menus is a great and slim solution to make it an easy fit between all my other tools. I love the layer and keyframe tools that make other single scripts useless.
Sjoerd Jones

Over the years, I must have spent over $1000 on various scripts. MoBar just replaced 80% of those at just $59. It’s the most comprehensive collection of AE tools. Very well put together in a slick sidebar that occupies very little screen space.
Avinash Ramanath

I'm blown away by the thought your team have put into this. These are features I've been wishing Adobe would add to After Effects forever. Thank you!
Kyle Floyd

I want this!
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