Free Folder Structurer Tool for After Effects

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Sometimes, your After Effects project can get extremely confusing especially when you don't have a good structure to begin with. The pileup of files can become chaotic and difficult to navigate, causing delays in your work. The benefits of having an organized Project Panel are critical in keeping you on track with the project.

You have a structure but are you tired of having to create your folder at the beginning of every project? This script is here to help. It allows you to create your folder structure with a single click. You will save time, effort and stress when starting a new project. Just select a preset you would like to use then sit back and relax. The script will take care of the boring stuff.

Update (27 March 2022):

It is now possible to create, update, and delete presets. Using this feature, you can create folder structures directly from your project.

This tool is part of a larger collection. MoBar is a collection of time-saving tools in one place that help you create your projects quickly and easily in Adobe After Effects.

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Free Folder Structurer Tool for After Effects

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